We Always Think Globally

AmeriServ Network is a network of independent professional services firms in the Americas dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective internal audit, consulting and accounting advisory services

Why Us?

Our Clients have long continuing relations with us. They choose us time and again to find solutions and services for successful business operations. We bring the following values to our Clients -

A network of experienced and credentialed professionals providing outstanding service that creates value for clients which exceeds what could be provided by individual practitioners due to enhanced geographic coverage, expertise and critical mass of service providers.

AmeriServ is able to cost effectively offer a network of experienced professionals located across diverse geographical locations with extensive certifications and broad industry experience

Strategic Objectives

Our network is based on the following Strategic Objectives -

  1. Spirit of trust and collegiality amongst network members built on competence and integrity

  2. Executional excellence through providing outstanding service that creates value for clients

  3. Build network critical mass and achieve strong growth (revenues/staff/locations)

  4. Spirit of innovation (leading edge solutions) and  growing intellectual capital (Knowledge Management System)

  5. Achievement of Financial Success for all network members

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are the pillars upon which our network has been established and each and every member stands by them every step of the way

The foundation of our network is our core values –